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HannaHs Field: News

Revolutionary Soldiers available for Download today!! - November 29, 2017


HannaH's Field is growing good vibes with this full band, musical creation. The catchy songs will have you smiling and singing along. The gypsy reggae duo(HannaH & Chef Bliss) known as HannaH's Field asked members of their Bob Marley Tribute band, High Tide, to expand their sound on this recording. Adian Moores melodic guitar adds a dimension of jam and a Dancing Bear. John Pitblados bass adds funky roots and Chef Bliss' drum kit is the heartbeat and foundation of truth. Brett Wilsons(Roots of Creation) vocal performance on the title track, is reminiscent of Sublime.  
Music producer, John Bolduc says this about HannaH, “The little girl that sings big. With a blues man’s warmth, a bad girl’s passion, and a Buddha’s enlightenment.”.  

This mix of reggae roots and rock will inspire you and awaken your fire. Join the Revolution!

“ spirited, free minded music.” “earthy and organic.” -A.J. Garcia -Shakefire

“HannaH goes a cappella to showcase her award winning voice, evoking of a blending of Joan Baez and Grace Slick or a somewhat subdued Janis.” “HannaH*s Field’s latest recording, Warriors of Love, is a ‘gypsy reggae’ homage to the optimist in us all, carrying the torch of the free love generation into a new era.” -Trevor Dye Review

"Best American International Boy/Girl Reggae Artist" -Cartoon Networks Adult Swim show, Hot Package 

“With flash garments, long hair, and clamant, vociferous strains, vocalist and percussionist HannaH reminds me of an updated, confident Janis Joplin with an optimistic edge.”(Dagmar Noll/Eastern Newspaper).

"Here we have this little hummingbird of a girl and a voice that can hold a note was awesome." -Smoking Pig John 2007

“HannaH’s voice is, mature and gutsy.”2001-India Blue, Hartford Advocate.

“Portland, Oregon, home to many a great band but now, especially, boy-girl duo HannaH*s Field, who've carved out their own territory in the Pacific Northwest music scene by fighting both stereotypes and the law.” –The Fader

“There is magic here. There is life here. There is love here. And everything that pulls a human spirit out of the body and shakes it free to dance.” –SoulCat

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion: HannaH
Drums, Percussion, Vocals: Andrew Ardenski (Bongo Bliss)
Bass and Vocals: John Pitblado
Lead Guitar: Aidan Moore 

Art Direction: Kevin Salvatore
Cover Art: Marisa Copley
Photography: Brian Carucci  
Recorded @ Massiphonic Studios, Manchester, Ct.
Producer and engineer: John Bolduc 

HannaH's Field at Gathering of the Vibes - August 25, 2015

We had a fabulous time being a part of the kids area at Gathering of the Vibes.  Between the School of Rock, Bob Blooms Drum ride and the fairies doing yoga-it was the best kids area ever at a festival we have been a part of.  We jammed acoustic music for the kids and parents and played drums and chimes for the yoga classes.  
Ben Harper, Trevor Hall, John Browns Body & Moonhooch were our favorite acts surrounded by other great inspirations all weekend.  Praise Jah for this opportunity. 

HannaH's Field Puff Puff Give featured on Cartoon Network! - August 25, 2015

HannaH's Fields award winning video, Puff Puff Give (directed by Tim Cash-Far From Earth) was featured on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim Show, Hot Package.

Booking Southern February Tour - November 19, 2009

Do you know of any venues/colleges down South that would dig the modern-hippie-rasta-folk sounds of HannaH*s Field???

shoot us an email & share your information.   One Love!


HannaH & Bongo Bliss

HannaH*s Field release CD party "Live at JAvapalooza" - September 21, 2009

The new Live CD is here!
Recorded by John Bolduc @ javapalooza in of our favorite places to play. A supportive, listening enviornment--we shall have a release party on Friday Sep.25th!
all ages & free!

winners in 3 categories for American Marijuana Music Awards 2008 - October 13, 2008

Wow! HannaH*s Field won 3 American Marijuana Music Awards: Best Music Video for "Puff Puff Give", Best Funk song for the remix of "Smoke a little Pot" & Best Acoustic song for "Puff Puff Give"

thanks to Tim Cash for directing & producing the video, Sokhak for his help, Portland for the beautiful back drop to Billy Oskay who helped us produce the song, John Bolduc, our families & friends for the support! and thanks to the Marijuana Music awards! peace!

what a week!Olympia Hempfest, Roots, & more! - August 27, 2007

What a week of beauty & energy. we started with a double header at MIssissippi Pizza-the children dancing & shaking moved our souls. We thank JImi & his wife for video taping (IBPO). Then we moved on to the deep, chill venue(where we shall return)-Camellia Lounge & Tea Zone where our friend Irealization blessed us with his presence, words of wisdom & drum beats. Thursday we returned to one of our most fun places to play-Roots Organic Brewing where the beer runs live rivers and the smiles are endless. Thank you Jim & Phil for your continued support. Friday we had a fun evening at Freemont coffee where we were sad to hear they will be closing their doors-our buddy brian friel(the famous portland napkin artist) sat in on harmonica & brought smiles with his original songs. Saturday was a beautiful private party & Sunday we capped the week off at Olympia Hempfest-thank you to all our new friends in Olympia & to Sergio for dancing vibrations. After all that I must ground myself & go out in the sunshine. Peace & Love, HannaH

request HannaH on Gator Radio - August 2, 2007

Go to & request any song from Psychedelic Woman(HannaH)

"Keep up the great sounds you provide it makes me feel good."
Scott - Gator Radio

Emerald Empire Hempfest - August 2, 2007

Thanks for the beautiful love Eugene! We had a great time performing at the park & you all inspired us to learn some new, crystal-green tunes. Thanks Deacon for having us play 2 days in a row-we had a blast. Educate yourselves:

Roots/proper/jolly roger - April 2, 2007

Rockin' roots with jim and bisquit...wood workers dancing...get your ticket..the train is leaving and you better be listenin' or you'll miss the love and be deaf to the whistlin'

Fri. night was another night of amazing food at proper eats..brian from Eugene opened up with some beautiful original guitar work...what a sweet heart!

Saturday night was magical..sittin' in w/ Earl and the reggae all stars is always a blast..but the surprise of Paapa Wastik on the mic...A true Warrior and the hand drummers there were out of this world! Of course Earl always awakens us with his smooth vocals and positive vibrations.

Hogfathers almost famous we love you! - January 16, 2007

Andy and I headed down to the Coast this weekend to play a fabulous new dinner theatre(sold out!) where hogfather, hogmama and their beautious family cooked a delicious gypsy themed Italian dinner to go with our gypsy music set. The ocean calmed our spirit and the people lifted our hearts!

clinton street and cooper mtn.vineyards - November 26, 2006

What a great weekend we had! Friday night we met some great people and drank some killer beer(coconut ale) at Clinton St.Brewing...vibin'art, dan the bartender rocked and of course ashley! was off to the Beautiful vineyards of cooper wine...if you have not been to a tasting..what are you waiting for-yummmy smoothness in a beautious setting. Thanks to all who showed support--Jah bless

Bless Artichoke Music - November 12, 2006

We played to a beautiful audience at Artichoke Music on Friday. Lot's of laughs and love in this room if you haven't been there. Thanks to all who purchased the new CD!

Thank you Tahoe - November 4, 2006

We visited beautiful Lake Tahoe this weekend and jammed out at Divided Sky. We love all of our new and old friends in Tahoe.

Psychedelic Woman--New Release!! - September 10, 2006

HannaH's new CD-"Psychedelic Woman" has just arrived! Order one on, pick one up at a show, @ Downright Music in Collinsville, Ct., or email for more info!

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