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HannaHs Field: Listen to Music

Take Me Far Away

(HannaHs Field)

Special guest:

Dararith Ly on bass

Jahsh Concurz on vocal chant

The leaves are falling. New countries are calling me to be free & who I choose to be.

A princess of light fighting the fight with songs filled with bongos and oceans insight.

I write words channelled from the source energy-letting it be.

Prophets need people and people need prophets. I'm sailing to lands where I can live honest.


Take me far away from here to where all expectations disappear. Noone knows my hopes nor fears.

Take me far away.


There are places on Earth that live just to work hurting from cries that hide deep inside.

No smiles connecting-no joys-just perfecting hair with no care of souls reconnection.

Connect to creativity and rise. Don't computerize.

People don't dehumanize. Your eyes do not lie.

I'm travelling to skies where people don't disguise.




The snow is glowing. I must be going. So how come I'm frozen in time and in space.

If timelessness exists-they'll be no abyss. But I still search for that blissful kiss.

I fish for happiness inside insanity. Letting it be.

Dolphins need oceans and oceans need rain.

I'm swimming to shores that live with no pain.