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HannaHs Field: Listen to Music

Begin Again

(HannaHs Field)

Traveling like a gypsy exploring other grounds

 Seeing places, kissing faces-but I’m always homeward bound

 Sisters come & brothers go & heartache never ends


My life goes round in circles & so we begin again.


 He let me feel my laughter. I felt safe inside his soul.

 I thought he was the other half of the puzzle to make me whole.

 He disappeared without a word.  I don’t know where or when.

 I can't stop myself from crying & so we begin again


Lift your eyes up to the sky leave your past behind.

No one knows their future.  We’re all traveling blind.

Now’s your chance to dance to unwind be kind to follow signs.


 The light of the sun goes down but soon she’ll rise again.

 A butterfly only lands inside an empty hand.

 Don’t look back on the road you pass to find the master plan

 It’s hidden where you’re standing & soon you’ll begin again.