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HannaHs Field: Listen to Music

Smokey Amsterdam

(HannaHs Field)

Dancing round in circles. Feeling mighty fine.

I'm trying to find the heavens in a glass of wine.

Honestly smiling-this is who i am.

Walking down the streets of Smokey Amsterdam.

High Flying in the air. Fear is dying-Yeah.


Paradise is ringing. Love is everywhere.

Can you feel it people. Wash away your dispair.

You choose who you be. Love is who i am.

Dancing down the streets of Smokey Amsterdam.

Sunlight skipping down the road. And I'm tripping-woa!


Spirits rising upward. They're playing with my mind.

I've got so many choices. A thousand colors of kind.

You choose who you be. High is who i am.

Smoking down the streets of smokey amsterdam.

High Flying. In the air. Fear is dying. Yeah.


Yo HannaH!

Are you talking to me?

Yeah-what you doing over in that crazy country?

Skipping and tripping and smoking dope and toking hash

I'm in this crazy city-everythings moving so fast

Slow it down.

No got to go stay on my flow. We're Going out to the show some band I don't know.

Slip some discs in my bag. 250 in cash. I Bought a quarter ounce of kind bud. You think it'll last.

Whatcha mean that's enough?

Yes-I know we puff tough. But tonight we're chilling out in Smokey Amsterdam. You know you can't predict what's gonna happen my man.