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HannaHs Field: Listen to Music

Monkey Song

(HannaHs Field)

The monkey lifted Mr. Fish out of the ocean and placed him upon the tallest tree

He proudly said I saved that fish from drowning but survival for the fish was in the sea.

Chorus: The sun that makes the bird fly blinds the owl. Negativity causes me to bleed. The tears that make my world cry tickle you inside. You don't need what I need.

Country girl picked lillies out of her garden. The scent brought her into her inner peace.

She slipped the sacred earth through her hands. The city boy just saw the grime and grease.


Rap: Yo monkey man-I see you saved that fish from drowning down in the deep blue sea. But what you don't see is that fish don't need what you need to be free. So I say, leave me alone let me lay asleep in peace can I give you a piece of advice tonight: Man must be free from conditioning and stifing, fussing and fighting, scratching and biting the tears and the lying. Praise Jah! Keep on trying. LOVE-is the only thing we need.

The sound of a warm guitar brings me to my knees.

Dancing spinning singing of my soul

Mr., does this music grab your heart?

He muttered-"I just hate that rock n roll"