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HannaHs Field: Guestbook

G. Near

February 28, 2013

Oh! Again we saw you guyses show! I hope that it was fun for you as well.

slurpie avocado

February 10, 2013

hey! long time listener/feeler of your vibes, first time poster!!!
how are you going? i was thunking you should come to australia.
we need some give. we need some light here. anyway............
whats been happening? how was Jamaica?
i love the moon fairy xxx
so come on down (hopefully brunswick melbourne), chuck on your uggs, hat, and personalised printed top and we will feel as one.


October 4, 2012

Nice...very nice indeed.

heather simpson

August 31, 2012 birthday is on 12/12/12 this year...would be way kool if you could come up w/ a lyric or two about it...☮

heather simpson

August 31, 2012

I LOVE HannaH's Field!!
Saw you at Strawberry Jam in Northville, at first sight!!
We live up the road from The Jam!!
Download you to my ipod, too...xoxo

Gary Near

August 2, 2012

Oh man. I just listened to your songs angain. More fun than most! Keep in mind that any day I will be at your next show angain! Fun right?


July 2, 2012

Amazing personalities, talent and more. My spirit was down and I left with it sailing! Thank you. I need much more of that light in my life.

Monica Morneau

May 21, 2012

Hey guys! I grew up with Andy in Avon, I had no idea you had a band and you recently had a gig at the Green Room right in my town!! Please let me know if you come again! :)

Doug Bergoderi

May 6, 2012

Hope to meet you real soon thru Xavier Pietri.
He jammed with you recently in a drum circle and he spoke very highly of you guys.
I am a 30+ year vet conga player who is devote fan of Santana.
I just went to you web site and you guys are awesome. Hope to meet you guys in the near future.
Peace Out.


April 23, 2012

Totally enjoyed talking to you both at the Woodbury CT Earth Day festival in Hollows Park on Saturday. Loved HannaHs amazing voice and those fabulous drums.... And thanks so very very much for the CD. Played it on my way to work this morning. : Peace & Love.

jason t

January 31, 2012

Great show at Southbridge, MA with Walt B.
I am usually no into female singers, but you are awesome and your buddy on the drums too. Great music you guys!

Dharma's Kitchen

January 20, 2012

Hey Haters~ you don't have to smoke pot (I don't) to enjoy this music~ why don't you come dance & lighten up a little bit? I'll pray for you~ peace

Frank Buonomo

January 16, 2012

Hi. Never heard you folks before. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing /hearing you with Donna Jean (Walt B)on the 28th. Should be a nice night.
Like the recipes as well. I`m gonna try a few.

Ken Marchesani

December 4, 2011

Just wanted to let you know I was really appreciative of your music and performance at the Crossroads Brewery this past Saturday! A real treat playing the egg along with you too!

Leo & Trish Tetreault

November 18, 2011

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah. Love the music. Tell Andy we said hello. Look us up when you are near VT.

genn (hogfathers 'wildchild")

October 13, 2011

hi hannah , hi andy, long time to see... got to thinking of you guys and figured hello and how ya;ll do,n was much over due....hope all is well with you guys....
take care & hugs

Pappa BEAR

October 4, 2011

Come into the woods and play. The toad stool is waiting for you gentle waif, the lark in harmony with the delicacy of thine voice, the gentle breeze seranading the vibrancy of thy strings whose strum vibrates in the thin crisp air. Come o Nymph be our celestial guest and play, play, play.

Pappa BEAR.

Maya Gable

September 11, 2011

I was selling my fairy houses at Last Thursday in Portland earlier this summer and had a huge painting of Bob Marley as a back drop. Hannah handed me a CD and I've been playing it ever since and just wanted to say thank you, how much I love your music and how it raises the energy vibration in the room every time I play it. I feel the energy and the intention behind the music and it is amazing and so beautiful. I hope to catch your next live show in Portland! Thank you again for the gift of your music!!

Kory Peace Monkey

August 31, 2011

Hey Guys! I saw you play last week! So tight and groovy! I love the Reggae funk gypsy sound. Keep it up! Smoke weed, marijuana and stuff all the time! Thanks for bringing reggae back to the white people! We created it! Higher consciousness!


July 24, 2011


Greg LovePEACE

July 17, 2011

Hello Hannah and Bongo
Just wanted to say great show last week. You really opened up my eyes to some higher level shit! Expand my consciousness with groovy gypsy reggae played by peaced-out love hippies! I am flexing my mind muscles and grooving to spiritual planes of weed
Smoke the dutchie PassPASS the ganja
smoke everyday it's ok i am the man with hippie band

Hope Russo

July 5, 2011

Hi guys, great to see you the other night! Hope :-)

Green Reefer

July 4, 2011

We saw you two at the Treating Yourself Expo, and bought a CD. Really dig the music. keep it up, and I hope that our paths will cross in the future. peace.


July 3, 2011

Love ya stuff guyz! Makes me remember that there are good people out there and the sun is shining on all of us! You two are gurus for from an enlightened Aussie gal..peace

p.s. send me some more wisdom for me please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Bill and Sheila Corman

June 17, 2011

Hello Hannah-
My wife and I caught your show last month and it's haunted us and hunted us in the memorie s of our brain

Mo & T

June 16, 2011

We LOVE you very much and we have nerver forgoten the spirit we shared when you guys joined as ONE. LOVE the vibe. XXXXXXXXOOOOOOO

Gary Near

June 11, 2011

What about this: I just about seen a show with you guys in it but I was to close to curfew to go !1 If that was luck it would be no good luck! Any way who was the one who passed the drugs too you? I need them to for anxiety and depression too. Who new? You can find anything you want on the web no doubt but I just wish youre tour dates were near get it? that rimes with me?!Who new? You should right a song about this one. I am the pride of QB.
Church is tomorrow so I gotta run and pray. pray for more Hannah's tour dates. JUNE 12 2011.

Gary Near

June 11, 2011

Ok. I am back. The police got mad at me this time! But they told me to have not enough on me this time. Few! They seemed pretty cool so they must like you too. I can't remember the last time I read your books. but there was too many. Who can quess my real ways? Stay alert with conciousneess1
Help the blind. World to the sky you should redo Karate1 no joke!
share in there pup pup give!

Gary Near

June 9, 2011

O Man! I learned to play your song on my dulcimer last night. I can't stop it now. Tomorrow will be even better at it. I am going to stay awake until then because of my landlord is noisy too. Did you know youtube is free? But you pay a monthly fee for internet being turned on by the power company You are on the youtube fere site. And that is where I learned to play the song from youtube. I tried drugs before too. Did the police get mad when you made the youtube video? I ll be home tomorrow at 10 o'clock eastern so email me then or before but don't worry if I don't answer right away becasuse I will be on my way back before then. If it is after then Ill wait! lol

Marjo Jensen

June 3, 2011

You guys are crazy great! I think Darryl Cherney got me linked with you all through facebook a long time ago- but I finally took a long listen to your site- puff puff give go! rock on!

I'm Covelogirl- in covelo, ca. Wildlands... if you're ever through the redwood corridor and want to swing in for a round! COme on!! Covelo would LOve it!
I run a very well attended Mic Night third Thursday in Covelo- a beloved event- be fun to have you! someday- just throwing it out there... in the Wonderland of it all...
: ) Marjo

Chill Eric

May 2, 2011

Hey guys! PeACE and Groovy

Sarah G

April 26, 2011

hey hannah and bongo bliss! you guys are so amazing! ithink yoy gusy are like the future of reggae! It's like reggae for normal white people and Its so awesome to listen to yoru music after puff puff giving with friends, we hear all kinds of trippy stuff in ypour rhythyms! Love vibrations to you guys and i hope to see you when you come and play Utica!

Brian V.

April 26, 2011

I used to think I could sing! Not anymore! I will be silent. Lynn and I are forever grateful for your contribution to the world of music. We will be listening to your music until something better comes along. That means forever because nothing can top this newest album... unless you make something better. No pressure though we are loyal don't worry. I tried to make a recipe, and I know that I feel better already. It's up to you. I am using lynn's email -is that okay with you? Lynn is fine with it considering the way I am using it this time.

Chai T

April 26, 2011

hey guys just connecting here on the site! love the grooves and the links (serenDOPEetous) u guys do for reggae what eric clapton did for the blues...its refreshing to hear these vibes coming from normal people!

Peace: CHAI T

damian languell

April 21, 2011

woah i love you guys so cats are the future...we should collab or tour together...i think you cats are great!!!!!!lets make a love connect with vibrations and spirit...

peace love and sky lights


April 20, 2011

Excellence. I saw your show before, but I didn't know that you had a website then until now. Many thanks for the fun. Can you believe the food at that place? Omigosh, I want to search for a Hannasfield album!

Alan the Greenman

April 8, 2011

Wow, dudes. Just heard Puff Gpuff Give is sooooo fuckin tasty grooves man
Yeah I am a fan now. and I like to smoke weed too
Are you guys playin in Buffalo any time soon>?
Give me a call we can share and live! SMOKEING GROOVES


March 20, 2011

Wow! So talented!! That puff puff pass song is inspiring. Keep up the heady work! East coast playa in da hizzy!! Soak in Cougar Hot springs for me!

crimey loo

March 20, 2011

hey guys come check out the WEEN FORUM
we have been posting your vids and WE LOVE THEM
keep up the work!

Andrew Adkins

March 14, 2011

I JUST heard you guys and DAMN, SOoOoOoO cruuunchy. The best part? ......
I like the way HannaH's name is spelled cuz like, its like, the same way backwards DUDE!

Paul Leone with The Illumination Authority

February 28, 2011

HannaH's Field has a musical style that all can enjoy. It is always a pleasure to work with them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to light your soon to be released music video. I can not wait to see the finished product.

Jami Ray

February 20, 2011

Great vibes guys! Really liked the music and the message. Thanx for a good time!

Michael Ryan

February 13, 2011

Hey Hannah! Been awhile (like 8 or 9 years I think?...) Great to see you are still playing your music. Love the direction you've taken it! You would probably enjoy one of the bands I've been playing with out of NH and MA. I get to play full percussion on this gig versus the kit. It's an original ska, reggae, dancehall, latin and groove band led by singer songwriter Christa Renee Mansmann. We are doing a CT show coming up soon in Southington (I assume you are still in Hartford?), at Smokin with Chris on Sat 2/26 at 7:30. Would love to see you there!

da Figz

December 8, 2010

Man, it's been too long. Hope this comment finds you and da Gypsy Rasta well and fine! Please let know Andy that no one has had me laughing as much as he did since our working together. You're both the grooviest.. dig!!


November 19, 2010

we wish2see your grin again,Hannah.Many interesting cultural observations to share with the entire world;i have learned something very important,that if they promise to reimburse you for time and money invested,they are lying through their teeth.still looking for an honest promoteer,if one exists,i have nt met them yet.The invite to visit us is still open,should you come this way next summer.The goats will be separated from the sheep soon,all will be revealed in our provincial backwoods music scene.Peace from RunningFawn,and her pet clown...

Daniel Terna

September 12, 2010



August 3, 2010

I really dig your stuff.


July 7, 2010

Got to see you guys at the Unitarian universalist church and bought your CD "warriors of love". Been enjoying ever since and am looking forward to seeing you play in New Haven on the 12th. Thanks for your heartfelt , peaceful music. Blessed Be : )

Steve Schroeder

June 3, 2010


Carrie and Tom

April 13, 2010

Hey Hannah! Tom and I were just checking out your site :) Congrats on all of your success...your voice sounds beautiful and we're so happy for you both.

John Q. Stoner

April 7, 2010


Dam, I just got back to Prtland and i wanted to see you guyz play a show hear! To bad I guezz.


Kristi Washenko

March 27, 2010

Beautiful web site. I wish you both all the Success in the world. With Love and Peace from your Friend Kristi !! xo

Sarah Mulholland

March 19, 2010



February 6, 2010

Do you guys tour in the winter?
Only saw you one time last summer.
Good tunes though, keep on rockin!

cosmik hot karl

February 6, 2010

Sensi love for yall!
Have love in your heart!
Imagine a peaceful world!
Thank your loved ones!


February 3, 2010

Loved your sound up in Astoria, Washington summer of 2008- will you ever come out to California?

lay lady lay

February 2, 2010



January 31, 2010

Fantasy football is for losers who can't play real football. Phantasy tour is for losers who can't go on real tour. don't worry about what they say and do what makes you happy. Enjoy quixotes, it's a cool venue.

how much do you charge

January 28, 2010

I go to school at PENN State and we have a lot of phisheads hear and in return alot of PT'ers I have discussed it with my frat and was wondering if you would be interested in playing a gig at our frat just to put this thing to rest show a little love and end hopefully both have a few laughs please respond and yes im serious also who promotes your band/ who is your manager can only find your cells in the contact page

Ed Pysz

January 17, 2010

came to your show this past friday liked it alot wish you both the very best 1/15/10 can't wait for the guitar is a quote from spok live long and prosper peace all... Ed


January 14, 2010

hey mann i instantly fell in love with the soothing melodies african influence and reggae hannah has such a nice voice and plays beautiful guitar andy you fuckin bring some nice beat to the table you guys are a great combination much love

Natty Congo

December 11, 2009

You have some Great songs,I like them all.I AM JAH LOVE Natty Congo.


November 29, 2009

Love, love, love is all you need. Love and peace in abundance 4 U kids.
Many thanks for the post to Trevor, may God bless you with much, much LOVE !


November 15, 2009

Hi Hannah and Andy: Mentioned Hannah's Field as a needed entity in the Music Series collaborative between the Common Ground (a coffee house) and the Litchfield Community Center. Hope they call. You are the best!

Johann Merz

November 2, 2009

Hannah's field is totally awesome! Hey andy and hannah, I got those pics uploaded on my facebook from when you performed in Canton at Flatbread. Just click on my photo albums, then click the one labelled "Mobile Uploads". Ur all in there . ^_^

Jonathan Edwards

October 30, 2009

I'm so glad I caught your show at The Flatbread the other night. It was great. Next time I might have to take your invitation to jump up and play some percussion!


October 18, 2009

Thank you for the show you gave me last night @ Shakedown @ the Fishbone (Hannah's Field 3/20/09 - Javapalooza, Middletown). We'll listen to it later this morning while preparing Sunday dinner. :)

Ryan and William

October 16, 2009

Ja, we be puff puff given all the time up in here. Smoke weed- get friends- be cool.

Peace bros,
Ryan and Will

George and Emily

October 10, 2009

Great to meet you guys at Michel Angelo's! Much love!


October 2, 2009




September 15, 2009

Hi there,
Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

Cosmic Billvis

August 24, 2009

Hey Hey HannaH and Andy! A great time had by all with the energizing set at Epochxing. it was *splendid* meeting the two of you! Laughs, fun, dance, song, tea and sympathy - all withing a few short hours. Thanks - love your Javapalooza CD alot! enjoy some other cosmic stuff at


August 17, 2009

Wanted to say thanks for coming to my place to play Epochxing. You two are fantastic.

Kevin Tobosa

August 1, 2009

Great meeting you in Fargo! I posted your photos from Nighttime Live on KFGO at:

Randy C. EHHS95

July 31, 2009

Hey Hannah, I was wondering when you might come back around to CT? I got a couple of friends to listen to your music and they loved it. They want to see you live. Oh and if you see Seth N. aka 'Jesta', let him know I say hi. Thanks.


July 22, 2009

It was wonderful to see you two today - always positive energy- safe travels, and see you soon!

Brent and Sher

July 14, 2009

P.S. Thanks for having Brent play two of his songs with you. It was so good to hear him play with Andy (some good back-up), and to see HannaH who seemed to appreciate another good musician.
Just Sher again.

Brent and Sher

July 14, 2009

Hi HannaH and Andi,

Sure was wonderful and refreshing to hear your music and song--when you played at the "River's Edge" in Snohomish on Sunday the 12th day of July, 2009. Wish you would have had a bigger crowd! Your music is so inspiring and worth listening to!

Best wishes and Peace, From: Sheridan ("Sher") and Brent


July 9, 2009

hello friends, we the people of portland are very excited to have you back in town. really looking forward to experiencing your musical vibe tonight! great connecting with both of you yesterday. all the best!

stephaine and zach

July 6, 2009

hello hannah and andy.this is zach and stephaine the couple that met you while on the sidewalk next to auto place in idaho...well you gave us a cd and we loved it..your vibe is peaceful and possitive and your sound is very unique....we are so happy jah made us stop and meet you two..we hope that on your travels maybe next ime your in idaho you can stay at our place and enjoy some good food friend,music and herbs...I would love to give you our number in case your in in the would I do that....drop me an email:)stephaine....jah bless!


June 29, 2009

Man alive! It's great to know i'll be seeing you great musicians as well as dynamite people again here in Portland, I,ve been grooving with your Mp3's and playing along with them. Peace&JahLove!! see y'all soon JV


June 8, 2009

Hi Andy & Hanna,

I spent the day with my friend Kellie in NYC who tells me that you'll be visiting Portland. I'd to catch a show when you're there.


May 15, 2009

hey, i haven't had boiled potatoes since forever! do you think we could bring a party together in the midst of americas declination to the real world/the bottom is gone fuckers type of party maybe-- ha ha

kindof ->what i mean is and don't get me wrong here and think i'll get right to the point, i'm the kind of guy who always states
"don't get exited by the table setting- the cook is slow as hell"
when i get into it...

any way or how
could yous would you play ? ?

pete(chief cook & bottlewasher)


April 21, 2009

I love you guys..keep up the good work..thank you Hannah for singing "Lost Children" for me..I can't wait for your next CD to come come out..Andy, I can't wait to hear more of you know what I mean..GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS.Your FRIEND at DATTCO

"Midnite" Dave Dougherty

April 20, 2009

Hey gang. Yours truly,"Midnite" Dave is back from the great beyond ('ya know,the one without e-mail access for the last month,or so). Now I truly know what a junkie goes through without a fix (or,in my case,e-mails). I look forward to catching you peeps at a show real soon. The Trinity gig was dope (bummer you couldn't make it, but I know you had a gig that night & wouldn't want you to lose out on playing out,not to mention picking up some $$$$$$'s,as well). See 'ya soon.


March 16, 2009

As a regular at Grady Tavern I usually cant wait to play jutebox DJ, but the other night my wife and I grew more and more interested untill we became fans.

Peace, (from the guy with the KRS-ONE photos.

Joe Miller

March 12, 2009

Saw you at the Cambridge House a few weeks ago. I was the guy you hugged at the bar. Since I purchased your CD I
can't stop playing. Thanks.I volunteer at the Favarh play group and have been singing [I belong} to one of my kids and he loves to sing along with me. Thanks for the music.



March 9, 2009

Ain't nuttin happening like Hannah's Field! U B da bomb! Much love 2 U! Sure do miss U 2 so much here on the west coast. Can hardly wait till this summer 2 C U again.

"Frog" Bouchard

March 8, 2009

I'm looking for music that can help me with my practice in Shamanism(Early Celtic).I wish to honor my prayers with sounds,because I understand power. And music is magic,and magic takes us above ourselves. I'm more of a primitive artist myself. Blessed Be and Love to the Goddess

Roger Chartier

March 7, 2009

Very nice site! Hope to see that you get some gigs for seniors in nursing homes. I bet they'd love you. It's a great day job and you still can play at night.
Take care


March 3, 2009

would this be the daughter of Ken and Janet? if so, I remember meeting you when you were just a wee one. Your parents were special friends of mine. if this would be a different HannaH, let me say that your music is wonderfilled!

"Midnite" Dave D.

February 6, 2009

That was a totally sweet set(s) you peeps played last night at Jitters in Southington. Hopefully, I'll get the open window of opportunity to catch you play again real soon (the gig at Javapalooza sounds like a potential "go" for the 27th--let's hope the weather gnomes are in a good mood that day/night)


January 31, 2009

Hey... I saw you guys a little while ago at java in middletown and thought you were great.

sounds great...


January 22, 2009

Hey! I saw you guys last night @ the Main Pub & absolutely LOVED it!

Keep on groovin'. Hope to see more of you!!

jacob fuller

November 11, 2008

hey the music sounds good.....i saw you guys play at the one family gathering this year good music...

Karen Tuzzio

October 31, 2008

Hi Hannah and Andy,

I loved meeting you both with Bob. I had a delightful time hearing you live. It is great to put a face to the music. I read that you are going to be in Collinsville on 11/28. Hope that is still on so Bob and I can come to see you both again.

Bob is coming to NJ this weekend, we are hosting a Halloween Party at my place.

Take care.

Regards, Karen


September 27, 2008

Listening to the music live again and experiencing the magical energy that floats about the room through your music is absolutely make us all want to dance, sing and jam with your positivity. The messages in your songs are words to live by. The music you create transforms what could've been an average day into an amazing one.

Raw Chef havin' big dream manifesting MAMA!

July 24, 2008


July 20, 2008

i love puff puff give to


July 8, 2008

i love puff puff give
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