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Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 7

Posted on November 28, 2010 with 0 comments
Week 7 of the book by Ariel Hyatt was about growing your email list. We are good about putting it out at shows but we don't announce that it is there enough. And I love the free download idea when someone signs up on your list. There are so many people trying to get your email out there that everyone is very careful about who they give it too. Even if I think that I might like to receive a newsletter from a new band that I see sometimes I don't sign up simply because my inbox is so full of emails that I can't get to. It gets cluttered and more possible for me to miss important bookings or business. So-I totally understand. But if we "incentivise" them(this is my new word of the day-love it!) with a free song they are more likely to be on our list. From this chapter I now realize the importance of the email list & will focus a bit more on it. It's your only direct line to your fans...this makes sense. When I was a teenager-I used to often see a band called, Mighty Purple. The lead [...]
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Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 6

Posted on November 21, 2010 with 0 comments
This chapter in the book was very rewarding because I often put out my newsletter email with only our live shows on it. I know that people are so tired(including me) of getting multiple emails from people trying to sell you something or get you to go somewhere or convince you that if you send them your address they will put $5000 in your bank account tomorrow. How many emails does one erase a day without even opening them? The junk mail has drifted from the physical to the virtual & people aren't paying attention unless they want to or you give them a good reason.
So this week I added stories because like Ariel says, "People love and connect to stories". I had so much fun writing to my friends and fans and it made me view my monthly email in a new light.....if I am enjoying writing this email more(instead of seeing it as a chore) don't you think that our fans would find more joy in reading it? Of course! And we shared a great healthy caramel apple recipe & I will start doing a new [...]
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Our New Release--Music Magic Medicine

Posted on November 16, 2010 with 0 comments
Well lovelies.....thank you so much for your patience. Ours has been a lesson of patience over the past year of creating the new music & cookbook. Yes the rumors are true......this will be a unique release of music and vegetarian recipes......both food for the soul!!!! 
We should have them available for sale by the middle of December......order it online for your holiday gifts!!! lots of love!!!

Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 5

Posted on November 14, 2010 with 0 comments is everywhere.  This week Ariel educated me with a detailed description of blogging & how to
get on top of my blogging game.  I started by creating an RSS reader & thinking about blogs that I wanted to read and that I thought would dig our music and our new vegetarian cookbook that shall be released with the new CD--Jan. 2011.  I then subscribed to some of those blogs to start. I will take this slow....because it is a bit blog at a time!  I must have my mother read this blog education.  She helps us a lot with research/management & I can't quite get her to understand what a blog I realize that I was highly uneducated myself.  For anyone who wants an education....not just musicians....anyone who has anything to chapter 5 of "Music Success in Nine Weeks" by Ariel Hyatt.  I'm actually excited about blogging now.......what a concept!!!!   Sometimes when we don't know [...]
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Music Success in 9 weeks-week 4

Posted on November 6, 2010 with 0 comments
Wowsers Ariel HYatt!!!! There is so much information on social media in this chapter. I was seriously schooled this week. All bands reading this now....get this book & atleast do everything in Chapter 4!! Seriously. It tells you how to connect your twitter to facebook & about some great other sites that I didn't even know of. So-I am a great fan of facebook & many of our fans & friends keep up with us through it. However-I am guilty of having a fan page & not using it. So-my fan page is all set up & now I shall work it....especially when this new CD is released. What's the point of interacting with new fans when they can't click to your music in one second?? Yes-this chapter makes this clear!!! I also love the idea of making little random videos for our peops-especially the ones across the country. I definitely will be doing bits from this chapter over the next few months because it is impossible to do everything that she lists in a week(if like most musicians you have to have a [...]
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