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Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 9

Posted on December 12, 2010 with 0 comments

Oh-how life is ironic.  This is the last week of the book and we received our new music/cookbook release, Music Magic Medicine in the mail this week.  I definitely feel like this book has been preparing me for the upcomming marketing mind that I will need to have to promote the new CD. By the way-if anyone reading this-ever has promo ideas-we are very open to your thoughts.  I really like the funnel principle discussed in the book this week & am really excited about some of the ideas it sparked.  At our CD release party we will be serving dished from the cookbook during our live music show....the idea is that the food & musical vibration will make everyone irie.  Touching all the senses......sound, visual(let's keep thinking of good stage visuals for us....decorations....light shows....), taste, smell(food) & feel (the feel of the food....we may have to think about this a bit more....oh....the shakers we pass out makes everyone feel the music for sure).  We will do a raffle at the CD release & the winner shall get a private meal for two by Chef Andy.  We will also start to offer food for private parties & private house concerts.  I will advertise this in our monthly newsletter & on our website.  I think this summer we shall throw a HannaH's Field fest also.  We have the land that someone already offered & have talked to our good friends Rhythmic Circus about a joint(combined) festival.  Thank you Ariel & crew for all that I have learned from this book! You have put me on the perfect track for this new release.