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Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 8

Posted on December 5, 2010 with 0 comments
I was really thinking a lot this week about what Ariel said about collecting peoples cards at network events and parties. I went to a party yesterday & was thinking in a whole new way......usually I just am excited to meet new people but I was thinking in terms of maybe this person could be a new fan.......a friend and a fan! I got a few cards of the people who seemed really interested in hearing our group. Instead of simply giving them a flyer with our website which is what I usually do.......which they may lose or never use......I have their info and will contact them this week. I also thought she had another great point this week.....if you go to where the musicians are (parties/networking events) most likely you won't find new fans. Try networking at new places. Now as a musician-I love to hang out with people who talk music since this is mostly what I breathe. But now-I shall think differently.