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We had a fabulous time being a part of the kids area at Gathering of the Vibes.  Between the School of Rock, Bob Blooms Drum ride and the fairies doing yoga-it was the best kids area ever at a festival we have been a part of.  We jammed acoustic music for the kids and parents and played drums and chimes for the yoga classes.  
Ben Harper, Trevor Hall, John Browns Body & Moonhooch were our favorite acts surrounded by other great inspirations all weekend.  Praise Jah for this opportunity.  

HannaH's Fields award winning video, Puff Puff Give (directed by Tim Cash-Far From Earth) was featured on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim Show, Hot Package.

As the last leaf falls to the ground--we are releasing old songs to make room for the new ones.
We wanted to let you know where we were--since I received a few emails entitled "Where is HannaH's Field"?  As many of our creative fans & friends know--the writing process takes time and we are so happy to put our hearts into this time once again. 
Peace, HannaH & Bliss

Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 9

Posted on December 12, 2010 with 0 comments
Oh-how life is ironic.  This is the last week of the book and we received our new music/cookbook release, Music Magic Medicine in the mail this week.  I definitely feel like this book has been preparing me for the upcomming marketing mind that I will need to have to promote the new CD. By the way-if anyone reading this-ever has promo ideas-we are very open to your thoughts.  I really like the funnel principle discussed in the book this week & am really excited about some of the ideas it sparked.  At our CD release party we will be serving dished from the cookbook during our live music show....the idea is that the food & musical vibration will make everyone irie.  Touching all the senses......sound, visual(let's keep thinking of good stage visuals for us....decorations....light shows....), taste, smell(food) & feel (the feel of the food....we may have to think about this a bit more....oh....the shakers we pass out makes everyone feel the music for sure).  [...]
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Music Success in Nine Weeks-Week 8

Posted on December 5, 2010 with 0 comments
I was really thinking a lot this week about what Ariel said about collecting peoples cards at network events and parties. I went to a party yesterday & was thinking in a whole new way......usually I just am excited to meet new people but I was thinking in terms of maybe this person could be a new fan.......a friend and a fan! I got a few cards of the people who seemed really interested in hearing our group. Instead of simply giving them a flyer with our website which is what I usually do.......which they may lose or never use......I have their info and will contact them this week. I also thought she had another great point this week.....if you go to where the musicians are (parties/networking events) most likely you won't find new fans. Try networking at new places. Now as a musician-I love to hang out with people who talk music since this is mostly what I breathe. But now-I shall think differently.

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